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Kim Plainfield – A Lesson in Life

It was my senior year at the Berklee College of Music, and for my seventh semester I studied privately with a man named Kim Plainfield. To be totally honest, I didn't know much about him other than the fact...   Read More »

Naughty Octopus debut EP Update

The Naughty Octopus debut EP, now entitled "Lost & Found" is finally complete! It's been a long, seemingly endless process at times but it feels so good to know that in just a month or so at most, the EP will...   Read More »

Naughty Octopus debut EP

Finishing up a long awaited the Naughty Octopus debut EP at 9b Studios in Milford, MA in January. The recording is expected to be available to purchase and for online download by the fall of 2016. It's a busy...   Read More »

One of my most exciting projects – Cultural Roots

One of my most exciting project I'm involved in is the revamping of original Jamaican vocal trio, Cultural Roots. They were recorded between the late 70's and mid 80's, after the popularization of reggae...   Read More »

The New Review’s debut self-titled album now available on Itunes, Spotify, you name it!

On March 13, the New Review released their debut, self titled album with a slamming show at Wonderbar in Allston, MA; opening for Kevin Kinsella of John Brown's Body and 10 Foot Ganja Plant. The album is now...   Read More »

How to Give Enlightened Drum Lessons

So many times I see drum instructors pushing the basics without an end goal. In nearly a decade of private drum instruction, I have begin to develop an "enlightened" methodology that I use in getting a...   Read More »

A late night take on what it really means to be successful

Haven’t wrote on here in a long time, didn’t really see the point and still don’t but hey, writing feels pretty good to me. I may go so far as to say that I am currently as excited musically as I have...   Read More »

The Power of the Mind

The young man had been trapped on this tiny little island for nearly 2 days now, at least as far as he could tell. Let it be known however that this was not your typical case of a castaway; the man trapped on...   Read More »

A Play on Me

Have you ever had the feeling that somehow the life that you’re living is just some kind of play on you; that somehow everything you have ever experienced and everybody you’ve ever met was all just a big...   Read More »

Sam Joins the Good Will and Them Apples Band

Sam has recently joined the Good Will and Them Apples Band, one of the most happening party bands in New England. Comprised of all scholarship students from the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston,...   Read More »

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