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Los Angeles Drum Lessons In my ongoing experience as a student I have learned that drum lessons must be representative of the art itself. To sit a young/beginning drummer down at a practice pad all day and force him/her to learn the “basics”, is to stifle that person’s passion and desire to play the instrument. Of course, technique and basic drumming knowledge is of utmost importance, but it doesn’t mean that real music can’t be involved in a first lesson. No matter how much technical skill one can acquire, it means nothing if it hasn’t been learned and applied in conjunction with music.


“Sam has been a wonderful teacher and mentor to my son over the last 2 years. The lesson goes beyond just music. Sam’s ability to relate to children and his love for his craft excites engages whomever he teaches…I would highly recommend Sam for his professionalism, talent and his values.” – Melanie D. (More About Sam Here)

Skype lessons are also available.


$40/half hour, $60/45 min, $75/hour

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