Drum Lessons that Focus on Creativity and Passion

In my ongoing experience as a student, I have learned that drum lessons, or any formal instruction on something artistic, must be representative of the art itself. To sit a young/beginning drummer down at a practice pad all day and force him/her to learn the “basics”, is to stifle that person’s passion and desire to play the instrument. Of course, technique and basic drumming knowledge is of utmost importance, but it doesn’t mean that real music can’t be involved in a first lesson. No matter how much technical skill one can acquire, it means nothing if it hasn’t been learned and applied in conjunction with music.

A student’s own personal voice on the instrument must be allowed to develop, and his/her creative intuition must not be smothered. Playing an instrument is fun, and is an outlet for personal expression. As a teacher, I vow to treat it as such and to convey every ounce of my own passion to my students. In every lesson, I will do my very best to touch on technique, music reading, music listening, creativity and most importantly music playing.

If you are interested in drum lessons or have further questions about my approach, please contact me.

Posted on August 31st, 2013 by Sam Ward.


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