A late night take on what it really means to be successful

Haven’t wrote on here in a long time, didn’t really see the point and still don’t but hey, writing feels pretty good to me. I may go so far as to say that I am currently as excited musically as I have ever been, which says a lot considering how excited I have been for the past eight years. I figured this would be a good place to share such jovial news with whoever happens to read.

It has really, fully dawned on me recently that whoever you happen to be; whatever you happen to do… those that have “success”; those that are “successful“, are those that do what they do simply because they love it, and because they’ve figured out that despite the behavior of what appears to be the majority of the population, there is no need to think about having to fit a specific and intrinsically flawed tomb to success, since these few people truly would go on doing what they do regardless.. No matter what…

…. This may seem like a cliche to you and that is because it is, but it goes deeper than just that. There are plenty who make it a point to pursue their passion, their dream, their reason for being; however it may be articulated. I feel like I am one of those, but that also is not enough. We all at least begin to pursue our dreams although I get the distinct feeling that a lot of us eventually stray from the path, and not because our feelings have changed but because our lives have, and we feel that we are incapable of such things at this late hour. It is never too late to at least try and see where you can get, in an existence where each day will eventually come to pass without a care for how you spent the time in it, and with each day, your inertia will increase exponentially. I know this because I have felt it, no doubt.

It does not however get more complicated from here (I know that I’m coming off as some kind of enlightened philosopher of a past life, which I certainly am not, so take what I say with a grain of salt.. it is in fact as truthful as I can be about the things I have learned thus far), though I think it just requires an additional angle of approach to what you and I do on a daily basis. You must not only pursue that dream with every ounce of your being, but you must always do it in such a way that pays the utmost respect to precisely what that initial spark felt like inside you; the spark that made up your mind, that sealed the deal beyond any fraction of a doubt, that moment when you knew. If you can ignite that spark every time you do it, and I mean every time (I know you can); then you will be doing your job and you will be doing it damn well. Beware, you must be weary of the possibility that you are only doing this because you think it is what you were meant to do, or simply based on the potential awards and pride associated with the notion of a “successful career” in the field. Exactly as you need to be honest with others, you need to be honest with yourself. As painful as it can be to admit something that may not be so easy to admit, the courage it takes to do so is what composes a dependable person. It can’t be said enough: IT’S NEVER TOO LATE.

Also, and I think equally as important: STOP TAKING THINGS PERSONALLY. Easier said than done, but if you remember those bold letters every time you feel like someone is better than you, and that you can’t be that good; every time you think you just simply are not talented enough, not good-looking enough, not charismatic enough; inferior in some way, please remember that the only people that are inferior are those that think they are, and even that doesn’t exactly mean anything whatsoever… If only I could follow my own advice, I’d be in good shape I think. I really believe it.. I’m getting there though and I just wanted to share some of my own personal insight with the few people that happen upon this page.

P.S. All of this is something I think about to some degree on a day to day basis while playing the drums, driving, doing anything.

I’ll sum it up for you with a lyric from a guy that has definitely been an inspiration to me and who is what I consider to be a genuine artist.

I can’t believe that we would lie in our graves, dreaming things that we might’ve been…

~Dave Matthews

Posted on September 13th, 2013 by Sam Ward.


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